4 Main Reasons You Should Desex Your Cat

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Desexing is a general name for various procedures that qualified vets perform on male and female cats. Desexing a female cat is a process that involves removing the ovaries. On the other hand, desexing a male cat is removing their testicles. One of the main reasons why pet owners opt for these procedures is that they do not have the space for a reproducing animal. However, you get many other benefits when you take your cat to a vet for the desexing procedure.

Here are the four main reasons why a professional vet should desex your feline friend.

They Will Be Less Likely to Run Away

When female cats go into heat and there are no males in the vicinity, they are likely to run off in search of a male. If you live in the city, this could mean spending many days stressed because you do not know whether the pet is coming back or is entirely lost. At the same time, they will start bringing back their mates into your house, which might affect your comfort, safety and hygiene in a big way.

When a male cat is desexed, they are also less likely to run off and go looking for females to mate with.

They Will Be Less Susceptible to Feline Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Not many homeowners realise that cats also contract sexually transmitted infections. One of the most common diseases for cats is FIV or the feline immunodeficiency virus. The virus acts similarly to the human immunodeficiency virus. 

If your cat contracts the virus, it will be acting on their immune system slowly, over several months, and by the time you discover that there is a problem, they will have weakened immunity.

They Will Have Improved Health

There are many other diseases that you protect your cat from when you de-sex them. These include mammary cancer, prostate cancer for the males, and pyometra, an infection of the uterus. 

You also protect the females from losing their immunity and physical health, which can happens when they give birth and breastfeed multiple litters.

They Will Be More Friendly

De-sexed cats are less aggressive than those that still have hormones raging in their system. If you want your pet to be a friendlier companion for your children, take it to a vet to have the operation performed on them.

Desexing cats has even more benefits besides the ones discussed above. Find a competent vet to carry out the procedure for a healthy and friendly pet. Contact a vet to learn more about pet desexing.

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