5 Important Reasons to Schedule Regular Dog Grooming

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Regular grooming for your dog isn't just to keep them pretty, it's also incredibly good for their health. The process can be a bit intimidating for some dog parents. If this is the case, reach out to a professional dog groomer with the experience, time, and skill required to keep your dog looking and feeling great. Some veterinarian clinics offer dog grooming services. Continue reading for 5 benefits your dog will get from regular grooming.

Control Shedding

Shedding is a major issue for most dog owners. While it can't be totally avoided, daily brushing along with weekly baths using a conditioning shampoo will help cut back on the shedding. The better and easier solution is to take your dog for professional grooming. A trained professional will know how to groom your dog, with care specific to each breed. They'll also trim the pet hair, which is beneficial to dogs with a thick coat.

Avoid Medical Problems

Many dog breeds are susceptible to diseases that, when caught early, are easily remedied. Your dog groomer will check the animal's ears, skin, and eyes regularly and inform you when to take your dog to a veterinarian. Choose a dog groomer with access to a veterinarian to ensure you get all these services in one place. 

Dental Health

Professional dog grooming also includes brushing your dog's teeth. Your dog's dental health has amazing effects on the dog's physical wellbeing. By keeping the dog's teeth clean, you'll also keep the dog's mouth healthy and free of any lurking infection. It will also help keep the dog healthy in between veterinarian check-ups. 

Eliminate Discomfort

Dog grooming eliminates discomfort in various ways. Brushing feels great for most dogs. With the right brush, the groomer will get the excess fur out, while giving the dog a massage-like feeling. Dog grooming stimulates new growth and brings out the dog's natural oils to the skin. It will also help prevent matting on dogs with long coats. If your dog's coat easily gets matted, removing the mats will help the pet feel better. Matting pulls on the dog's skin and coat, causing not only pain but also sores.

Removing debris and dirt from the dog's coat will make them more comfortable and replenish their coat and skin. 

Protect the Joints and Feet

Nail trimming is one of the most overlooked parts of dog grooming. Not only are long nails an eyesore, but they are also uncomfortable and unhealthy for your dog. When they're too long, they force the dog to change gait. They make your dog start to walk on the sides of their feet. Not only is this painful, but it also causes arthritis and other bone deformations. Some nails may also grow into their footpads, which can be extremely painful. Ensure you make an appointment with a skilled dog groomer to ensure the nails remain in a correct natural length.

Schedule regular professional pet grooming for your dog. It'll improve the dog's health and overall comfort, leaving you with a happy and healthy dog. Reach out to a local dog grooming service today to learn more.

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