Two situations in which you might want to buy a bell for your cat's collar

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If the collar your cat wears does not currently have a bell on it and either of these situations sound familiar, you might want to buy one for them.

Your outdoor cat is not eating their pet food

If your outdoor cat seems to have lost interest in the pet food you have been giving them and the veterinarian is confident that their loss of appetite is not health-related, then you might want to try buying a bell for their collar. The reason for this is that if your cat is outdoors for several hours a day, then there is a good chance that they may be hunting and eating prey, such as birds, rats, mice and small reptiles. If this is the case, then your cat might not be eating their pet food simply because they are too full from their outdoor feasts.

By putting a little bell on their collar, you can make it much harder for them to hunt birds and animals, as the tinkling noise that this bell makes as your cat prowls around will alert nearby prey to his or her presence and give them a chance to flee. Reducing your cat's ability to feed themselves in this manner should not only reignite their interest in the pet food you buy for them but will also protect them from the health risks of consuming certain wildlife (for example, if a rodent has roundworms and your cat eats that rodent, they could get infected with this parasite).

Last but not least, it will ensure that they get the right amount of macro and micronutrients that they need (because pet food that is formulated for cats will have everything that a cat requires to be healthy, whereas the prey your cat eats might not be nutritionally balanced). This, in turn, should reduce the chances of your cat needing to receive veterinary treatment for malnutrition-related issues.

Contact a pet food supplier to learn more about the benefits of having your cat eat pet food.

They often appear near you, without warning, whilst you're using hazardous items

If you have any hobbies that require you to use hazardous products (for example, if you do DIY and use saws and drills, or if you're an oil painter and use turpentine), then it is important to keep your cat away from these materials, as they could harm him or her. If your pet has, in the past, crept up behind you whilst you're doing a project or painting and has knocked over your tools or turpentine and you're worried that they are going to end up with injuries that will land them in the vet clinic if they keep doing this, then buying a bell might be a good idea.

If you attach this to their collar, you should be able to hear them whenever they enter a room in which you are doing your hobby. If you notice that they around whilst they're still a few feet away and have not yet leapt up onto your lap or the table where your materials are, you will have time to usher them out of the room and into a safe area before they hurt themselves.

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