Diarrhea After Your Puppy Has Been Vaccinated: Is It Cause for Alarm?

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Pretty much everything a puppy does is adorable, even things that would not typically be considered to be cute. When a puppy has diarrhea, it's perhaps a stretch to classify this as adorable. When this diarrhea occurs after receiving a vaccination, it can be cause for concern. What should you be looking for? 

An Adverse Reaction

You cannot fail to notice the diarrhea itself, and if this affects your puppy after they have received one of their mandatory dog vaccinations, it could be an adverse reaction to the medication. Is it serious?

An Isolated Incident

When your puppy expels watery stools, it might well be an isolated incident, regardless of whether it's an adverse reaction to the vaccination or not. When diarrhea continues, it might be a sign that medical attention is needed.

Some Basic Hygiene

Your puppy will usually need to be cleaned, and you should gently wash their rump to ensure that no diarrhea has the opportunity to dry and become matted in the fur around their anus. This is simple hygiene, and it might be the end of the matter. But what about when diarrhea keeps coming?

When to Contact Your Vet

Contact your vet if your puppy begins to produce more diarrhea. Your vet will advise you if you need to bring your dog to the surgery for further medical attention. The primary concern is that your puppy will become dehydrated, which is a concern when any mammal experiences diarrhea as too much water is being expelled via their stools. Be sure that your puppy has access to fresh water, and you can even encourage them to drink by gently holding their head over the bowl. 

Alternative Causes for the Problem

There is also the possibility that the timing of the diarrhea is a coincidence and is not directly related to the recent vaccination. Your puppy might be the unfortunate victim of intestinal parasites or another digestive complaint, which could be causing diarrhea. Since your puppy's immune system is still developing, it's likely that they will need treatment. Your vet will advise you when this is necessary.

Diarrhea after vaccination is not necessarily a cause for alarm, but when your puppy continues to produce watery stools in considerable quantities, it's a clear sign that something is not right. Instead of taking a wait and see approach, please contact your vet to inform them of the situation. Speak to a professional about dog vaccinations for more information. 

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